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11 Steps Toward Success in Business

11 Steps Toward Success in Business
Saturday, Sep 25th, 2010
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11 Steps Toward Success in Business

By Stephanie Andre

RISMEDIA, September 23, 2010–Whether you’ve been in the business world for five months, five years or five decades, there are always some rules that you should live by. Doing so will bring you closer to business–and personal–success.

A good work ethic and great attitude will always get you far. Here are some additional tips to help you get ahead as a business professional:

1. Don’t let others decide "your" attitude.

2. Always be early to work and always be willing to stay late. Moving up is often measured in sweat equity.

3. The best ethics are those that can stand being illuminated in the morning newspaper.

4. A positive attitude will take you further than your technical knowledge.

5. Decision making should always involve identifying the risks and assigning probabilities to possible outcomes.

6. Make an effort to improve your written and oral communication skills. Whatever the sacrifice – make it! — Very few professionals move up without being good communicators.

7. Learn everything you can about the computer and the Internet. It’s not going away any time soon! The 21st century will be defined by "technocrats." Join them or fall behind.

8. Join professional business organizations. Career maintenance and the networking related to it will pay off.

9. Be a volunteer for community service, starting now. Recruiters believe if you give that extra two cents while you are a student, then you will likely give that extra two cents to the company.

10. Continually update your address, telephone, and e-mail information. Networking is an important key to success.

11. Be attentive to details. It is not long in life before you will discover it is the little things that make the big difference.

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