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Want People to Read Your Blog?

Want People to Read Your Blog?

By Stephanie Andre

RISMEDIA, October 18, 2010—Having great content is, of course, the number one reason why people will read your blog.

However, there are a number of things that will turn visitors off and have them looking elsewhere for real estate advice.

Here are seven tips for creating and designing your blog:

1. Are your colors easy on the eyes?
People are not going to stick around to read a blog that strains their eyes. Pick some easy-to-read colors, like dark gray or black text on a white or off-white background. If that is too plain, at least use dark colored text on a very light background.

You can always dress up the look by putting more color in your heading and sidebar, or add some images.

2. Is your font easy to read?
Take a good look at your font. It may be cool, but is it easy to read? Many Web designers will tell you that the best fonts for the Web are Verdana, Georgia and Lucida Grande.

3. Can people figure out your navigation?
How many times have you visited a website, only to leave because, after the front page, you couldn’t figure out how to find more content.

You might think your blog is easy to navigate, but you are used to it. Ask a friend to see if they can figure it out. You might be surprised. (Especially if that friend is not very Web savvy.)

4. Does it look like spam, with ads plastered everywhere?
You should see more content than ads!

5. Do the links stand out?
On some blogs, the links are only subtly different from the rest of the text. If I have to squint to figure out if it is a link, please are not going to read it.

6. Do your pages take a long time to load?
Check your actual page load time. People will not stick around long if navigation is slow. Try to get your page to load more quickly. Maybe you have too many widgets or your images are too large. Adding width and height attributes to images makes them load faster, too.

7. Does your page look funny in other browsers?
If you have Internet Explorer already, download Firefox and test there, too. If you always use Firefox, test in Explorer. Those should be the minimum you test, but test more if you can.

Also, change your screen resolution (can be done in your Control Panel in Windows) to see how your site looks in different resolutions.


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