Posted by: realtormarkpalace | November 21, 2010

7 Ways to Brand Yourself on Twitter

By Stephanie Andre

RISMEDIA, November 19, 2010—You might know how to tweet, but do you know how to maximize the branding on your own page? Maybe you’ve seen the treatment others have given their pages, but what’s right for you and your business?

Just like your website or your business card, your Twitter page says something about you and should be considered an extension of your existing branding and business. You must take it seriously and use it to its maximum potential.

Consider these tips from Tricia Andreassen, CEO/founder of Pro Step Marketing, for creating your own, custom-branded Twitter page:

1. Don’t add information on the right side toolbar. With the variety of different sizes in computer monitors, you don’t want the possibility that some visitors may not be able to see this informational content on smaller screens.

2. When you are creating your Twitter skin, make it a full-screen image. A full-screen image gives your Twitter skin the best “pop” and it looks great. Full-screen images for Twitter are typically sized at 1,600 pixels x 1,200 pixels, with a file size less than 800k.

3. Have your Twitter skin match the colors of your brand. Remember the following to maintain consistency: colors, font and any graphic elements that are tied to your brand. For a great example, see

4. Put your main contact information on the left side and include important elements like your tag line, phone number, fax number, additional social media platform contact information (your Facebook link is a good example), and an e-mail address.

5. Once you have created your custom Twitter skin, you can add it by accessing your account, selecting “Settings,” then “Design” and then “Change Your Background Image.” Finally, select “Browse” to find your custom skin and upload it.

6. If you are not sure how to make a branded Twitter skin, hire someone to do it for you. Whoever you hire to create the design should also be willing to upload it for you.

7. Once you have your Twitter account set up, don’t forget to add your Twitter link to your main website so visitors can connect and follow you through Twitter.


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