Posted by: realtormarkpalace | December 9, 2010

6 Steps to Consistently Listing FSBOs

6 Steps to Consistently Listing FSBOs
Real estate agents who want to list more for-sale-by-owner properties (FSBOs) need to start a conversation with these sellers so that when they are ready to list they know who to call.

Agents should first set a recurring appointment with themselves each morning, and during this time, they should visit Craigslist and filter real estate listings in their area by owner.

Of the listings posted the previous day, they should “cherry pick” anywhere from five to 10 because of the home’s location in the community where they work or want to work, for instance.

Agents should then send a brief e-mail offer focusing on the FSBO — not on themselves — and if they receive a positive response, they should schedule an appointment to preview the home and build a relationship with the seller.

Finally, they should follow up on a weekly basis, contacting the FSBO to ask whether the home has sold and if they can do anything else to help.

Source: RISMedia, Josh Schoenly and Ryan Hartman (12/03/10)


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