Posted by: realtormarkpalace | December 9, 2010

Creating a structure for success in your listing presentation

WASHINGTON – Dec. 8, 2010 – Real estate agents should prepare listing presentations ahead of time and avoid altering the structure of the presentation. They also should not allow clients to change the structure, delaying all questions until the relevant portion so that they maintain the rhythm and flow of the presentation.

Agents should start by letting clients know how long the presentation will take, review their qualifying questions to clarify goals and objectives, and build trust.

The presentation should then focus on why the agent should be hired; but rather than present a long list, agents should spell out just four to six benefits. The benefits should complement the clients’ expectations as set forth during the qualifying questions stage.

Afterward, agents should shift focus to close the transaction, not worrying that the client does not yet know the home’s asking price. The asking price determines whether or not the home will sell, but clients should select an agent based on his or her qualifications at this stage.

The presentation should then touch upon price counseling, in which agents discuss property value with the sellers. They should present a Market Trends Report, seek the sellers’ agreement on the value and look to close the deal.

Agents should not have to detail their marketing plans if they presented a strong argument as to why they should be hired; but if questions about marketing arise, they should briefly explain their strategies.

At the end of the presentation, agents should handle any objections, acknowledge and explore these issues, then provide an answer and go for the close.

Source: Realty Times (12/03/10) Zeller, Dirk


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