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2012 Florida Realtors Leadership Academy

Florida Realtors Leadership Academy

What is the The Florida Realtors® Leadership Academy? 
The rigorous program is designed to identify emerging Realtor® leaders who want to get involved, make a difference, grow their businesses and expand their leadership skills. Whether your aspirations are directed toward leading a committee, a Realtor® association, or a community, the Florida Realtors® Leadership Academy will empower you to maximize your leadership potential. As a participant, you will be immersed in a classroom setting, on-your-own study, group sessions, team-building exercises, goal setting, networking techniques and communication skills.
Our academy offers a unique opportunity to see how the Florida Realtors® association operates. Many of these same principles that guide the volunteer leadership and staff of this 115,000 member organization can be applied to how you run your business and make decisions that impact your every-day life. Graduates of the Florida Realtors® Leadership Academy will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel as a leader in the 21st century.

Why we offer this program 

The mission of Florida Realtors Leadership Academy is to identify, educate and inspire future leaders in a professional, supportive environment while advancing the principles of the Florida Realtors.

Is the academy right for me? 

Ideal applicants will be those who have served on the local Realtor® level and/or who have potentially had some experience at the state (Florida Realtors®) or national (NAR) levels of the Realtor® family. Those veteran leaders at Florida Realtors® or NAR with many years of leadership experience may be called upon by the academy during the year to share their expertise and therefore may find the information redundant.

Because of the extensive time commitment involved, we strongly recommend that you review the application thoroughly before applying.

Want more info? 

Download the application package here. The deadline to apply for the Leadership Academy Class of 2011 has expired. Check back again for information about the 2012 Academy application process.

If you want to talk with past graduates, contact these alumni:


  1. we just finished session one of the 2012 Florida Realtors Leadership Academy!! GREAT times!

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