Posted by: realtormarkpalace | October 31, 2011

Scott expected to announce Boeing-Space Florida partnership

Gov. Rick Scott has another big industrial announcement scheduled today, this time involving the space industry in Titusville.

The Delta II rocket launches Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, from Vandenberg Air Force base in Lompoc, Calif., carrying an Earth-observing satellite that is on a dual mission to improve weather forecasts and monitor climate change. (AP Photo/The Santa Maria Times, Daniel Dreifuss)

The governor is scheduled to announce an agreement between Boeing and Space Florida to headquarter the company’s Commercia Crew program in Florida and build vehicles that will take people and cargo to space. Boeing plans to lease the hangar that housed the space shuttles.

Unemployment has soared in on the Space Coast with the end of the shuttle program. The Boeing deal is expected to create 140 jobs over 18 months, and 550 jobs by 2015.

Currently, the United States relies on Russia to take astronauts to the international space station. President Obama has criticized Congress recently for not approving his $40 million request for economic assistance to the Space Coast and $850 million for the Commercia Crew project.

In remarks prepared for today’s announcement in Titusville, reported by the Associated Press, the governor says deals like the Boeing plan will be a big boost to Florida’s continuing space industry.

“Our country is now completely dependent on Russia for travel to and from space. A private business would never let any part of its operations be dependent on someone else. Fortunately, the space transportation systems being developed by private companies like Boeing will rocket the United States back to forefront of the space industry and help reignite job growth,” Scott says in his prepared remarks.

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