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Florida Realtors webpage: Vote Yes on Amendment 4

ORLANDO, Fla. – Aug. 9, 2012 – Florida Realtors rolled out a new webpage –

Vote Yes on Amendment 4 – yesterday during the 2012 Florida Realtors Convention & Trade Expo in Orlando.

The page offers resources Realtors can use to promote Amendment 4 to fellow Realtors, family, friends, clients and the general public. It includes:

• TaxWatch study. TaxWatch – a nonpartisan, nonprofit public policy research institute – published an analysis of Amendment 4 and found it would benefit the Florida economy in a number of ways. The complete report is available.

•  Take 5 video. Florida Realtors Senior Vice President of Public Policy John Sebree succinctly explains how Amendment 4 will help the economy grow and benefit Floridians.

• “What you can do” list. Article suggests 10 ways Realtors can help promote passage of Amendment 4.

• Yes on 4 flyer. Information can be shared in print form.

• Yes on 4 logo. Support for the amendment can be added to Realtors’ websites, social network sites and more by downloading the Amendment 4 logo.

• Advertising campaign. An edgy campaign from the group fighting for Amendment 4 passage, Taxpayers First, offers videos and other promotions.

Amendment 4, if passed by 60 percent of voters in the November 2012 election, offers three primary benefits to Floridians: New homebuyers would receive a property tax break for the first five years; second-home owners and commercial interests would have their maximum appraised value go up no more than 5 percent per year; and current homeowners caught in a market where home values are declining would not need to simultaneously face higher property taxes if the Florida Legislature takes action (passage of Amendment 4 would give lawmakers the ability to address this tax quirk.)

If passed by voters, Amendment 4 would take effect on Jan. 1, 2013. It would:

• Provide an additional homestead exemption for first-time Florida homebuyers equal to 50 percent of “just value” of a property, up to the median “just value” of a homestead property in that county. The first-time buyer exemption would phase out over five years.

• Reduce the maximum annual “assessed value” increase cap for nonhomestead property from the current 10 percent (on non-school levies) to 5 percent, and extend nonhomestead “assessed value” caps through the 2022 tax year (which also does not apply to school levies).

• Provide legislative authority to eliminate the Save Our Homes “Recapture Rule.”

The “Vote No on 4” webpage can be viewed on Florida Realtors’ Legislative Center.

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