Posted by: realtormarkpalace | February 26, 2013

Getting a real estate property – Choosing an agent to guide you through the process

Did you ever wish to see through the hype to hire the best real estate agent who could help you in buying or selling a home? When it comes to buying real estate properties, you have to take the best step forward so that you don’t end up in a mess. Without the right real estate agent, it is impossible to choose the right property that is within your means and affordability. However, there are things can pull you back while choosing a real estate agent as there are too many scam artists waiting to take a toll on your wallet. If you too are in the market to buy a real estate property and you’re looking for ways in which you can get help from an agent, here are some points that you should consider taking into account.

  1. Talk with the recent clients: Ask the real estate agent to offer you a list of the real estate properties that they’ve sold in the previous year with the contact information. Before you start calling the numbers, ask the agent if there is someone who has been particularly pleased or disappointed. Know the asking and the sales price and compare and contrast each numbers in order to take the right decision. Ask him how long he has been in the market before you start dealing with him.
  2. Check the licensing requirements: The individual states will have boards that license the disciplined and trustworthy agents so as to prove their authenticity. You should check with the regulatory body of the state to find out if the person is licensed and if there are some disciplinary actions and complaints. So, check the licensing requirements of the real estate agent before taking the step of choosing him.
  3. Try to pick a winner: Remember that peer-given awards count and therefore you might try looking for some real estate agent who has won the ‘realtor of the year’ award from his peers or from the National Association of Realtors. Such agents will have better capability than those who haven’t been recognized by some reputable authority.
  4. Research how long he has been in business: You also require researching how long he has been in the business as this will mark his experience. Experience matters more than educational qualification and thus, choosing the real estate agent with the highest experience in the industry will be better than choosing a fresher who has just started selling and buying homes.
  5. Choose the one with the right credentials: Just like doctors, the real estate agents also specialize. CRS means Certified Residential Specialist and this means that he has an additional training in handling residential real estate properties. ABR or Accredited Buyer’s Representative has completed an additional education in representing buyers in real estate transactions.

Thus, before you choose to buy yourself a real estate property, you should get an agent with the above qualifications. Take the above mentioned points into account so as to work with the best agent in the market.

Thank you George Alford for this guest post!

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