Posted by: realtormarkpalace | June 20, 2013

Marketing to baby boomers? Sell low taxes

ORLANDO, Fla. – June 20, 2013 – Retiring baby boomers may like Florida’s sunshine, beaches and warm weather – but the big draw is low taxes. It may not be as nice as a beach photo in advertising, but “low taxes” is important to note if trying to market homes to people age 50 and older.

An analysis by West Palm Beach-based Newsmax also finds that Florida’s lack of an income tax can harm other higher-tax states. California, for example, recently created a services tax; and a man from Philadelphia, Pa., said he pays lower Florida property taxes and can afford twice as much house as he could in his hometown.

Based on Census Bureau data, states without an income tax appear to be growing at twice the rate of the nine top U.S. tax states. Overall, no-income-tax states grew 15 percent compared to an overall national growth of 10 percent, according to Newsmax.

Beyond home sales, relocating baby boomers offer another benefit to the Sunshine State: a stronger economy. The analysis finds that boomers retiring to Florida also bring money, and sometimes lots of it.

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